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Release 02-02-2024


€ 44,99

Op voorraad: 1-2 werkdagen

Drie jaar lang was Marva Whitney de ongekroonde Soul Sister #1 in de tour entourage van James Brown. Maar toen werd Martin Luther King vermoord en werd de carrière van Whitney een missie met prachtmuziek op het Forte label van Ellis Taylor. Dat het label eind jaren zestig begin jaren zeventig ook van andere artiesten sterke muziek uitbracht, blijkt op deze Numero ‘Eccentric Soul’ release. 28 Songs van Lee Harris, Tear Drops, The Rayons, The Four Darlings, Everyday People, Sharon Revoal, The Fantasticks, Mini Mini Afro Twist, Louis Chachere et cetera. Tekst Konkurrent

1.Gene Williams - Don't Let Your Love Fade Away

2.Lee Harris - I'M Gonna Get Your Thing

3.Tear Drops - I'M Gonna Get You

4.Louis Chachere - The Hen Part I

5.The Fantasticks - Cry Night and Day

6.Marva W. Taylor - I'Ve Lived the Life

7.Mini, Mini Afro Twist - The Fabulous Rhythm Makers

8.Tony Ashley & the Delicates - I'Ll Never Be Satisfied

9.The Rayons - You Confuse Me Baby

10.The Four Darlings - Baby You Love is Amazing

11.Lee Harris - Lookin' Good

12.Whitney, Marva - Daddy Don't Know About Sugar Bear

13.Gene Williams - Whatever You Do (do It Good)

14.Everyday People - Is It Really That Bad

15.Baby Be Good

16.Tony Ashley & the Delicates - All Along I'Ve Loved You

17.Lee Harris - I'Ve Got to Have Somebody's Love

18.Everyday People - Super Black

19.Whitney, Marva - With Fun in My Life

20.Sharon Revoal - Reaching for Our Star

21.Marva W. Taylor - Nothing I'D Rather Be (than Your Weakness)

22.The Four Darlings - Give Me Love

23.Unknown Artist - Dearest Lover

24.The Fantasticks - Live and Let Live

25.The Fabulous Rhythm Makers - Ya Gotta Be Doing It

26.Lee Harris - Skate Boogaloo and Karate Too

27.Tear Drops - Don't Fade Away

28.Marva Whitney & Ellis "gripey" Taylor - We Need More (but Somebody Gotta Sacrifice)

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Pastor T.l. Barrett & The Youth For Do Not Pass Me By Vol. 1

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Unwound Repetition

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Mataja, Branko Over Fields And Mountains (White Bl

LP € 32,99 Op voorraad: 1-2 werkdagen

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Mahoaney, Skip & The Casuals Your Funny Moods

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Ozean Ozean

12" € 29,99 Op voorraad: 1-2 werkdagen

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Andwella To Dream (Shades Of Grey)

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Various Beehive Breaks

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90 Day Men We Blame Chicago (Box)

5-LP € 109,99 Op voorraad: 1-2 werkdagen

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Various They Move In The Night

LP € 29,99 Op voorraad: 1-2 werkdagen

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Various Local Customs Downriver Revival

C+D € 19,99 Op voorraad: 1-2 werkdagen

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