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Release 19-07-2024


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• Follow-up to Grapefruit's hugely popular US 1967 anthology ‘’March Of The Flower Children’.

• Hit singles, cult classics and tracks from 1968's key albums as the American music scene moved on from the Summer of Love.

• While psychedelia had been the dominant musical force in 1967, the scene fragmented the following year.

Although many acts remained immersed in garage-punk and psychedelic pop, a growing number of heavily-amplified, blues-based hard rock bands like Blue Cheer, Steppenwolf and Iron Butterfly – all of whom enjoyed sizeable hit singles in 1968 – emerged to pave the way for what would develop into heavy metal.

Manufactured pop in the form of bubblegum dominated the singles chart, The Byrds and other easy riders developed a country/rock hybrid, a phalanx of folk-based singer/songwriters came to the fore, while Bob Dylan and his occasional playmates The Band pioneered a more organic, rustic sound that would come to be known as Americana.

Over four hours and 3 CDs, ‘Can't Seem To Come Down: The American Sounds Of 1968’ weaves together these various strands to provide a fascinating overview of the year. The set encompasses national and regional hit singles, unexpected flops (The Grateful Dead, The Left Banke), subsequently influential mavericks (Velvet Underground, Beefheart, Silver Apples) and vital cuts from many of the year's most keenly-awaited albums (Dylan, The Band, Mothers of Invention, The Byrds, Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, etc).

It also feature a number of hugely collectable one-off singles from young provincial bands, who visited local studios to preserve their sound for posterity before the real world – and possibly the increasing conflict in Vietnam - intervened. Including a 48-page booklet filled with biographical details, rare photos and quotes, 'Can't Seem To Come Down' is another essential Grapefruit purchase.

Disc 1

1.Spirit - Fresh Garbage

2.Things To Come - Come Alive

3.Lemon Pipers, The - The Shoemaker Of Leatherwear Square

4.Merry-Go-Round, The - Come Ride, Come Ride

5.Byrds, The - Draft Morning

6.Dylan, Bob - All Along The Watchtower

7.Velvet Underground, The - Here She Comes Now

8.Rush, Tom - No Regrets

9.Steppenwolf - Everybody's Next One

10.Savage Resurrection, The - Thing In 'E'

11.Children Of Mushroom, The - You Can't Erase A Mirror

12.Diamond Rings - Which End Is Up

13.Kor, Piece - Words Of The Raven

14.Mors Of Invention, The - Who Needs The Peace Corps

15.Strawberry Alarm Clock - Pretty Song From Psychout

16.Nomads, The - Three O'clock Merrian Webster Time

17.Sidewalk Skipper Band - Strawberry Tuesday

18.Shannon, Del - Silver Birch

19.Hyland, Brian - Delilah

20.Baroque Monthly, The - You Are Your Only Mystery

21.Spontaneous Corruption - Freaky Girl

22.United States Of America, The - The Garden Of Earthly Delights

23.Mortimer - Dedicated Music Man

24.Ars Nova - Fields Of People

25.Chandelier, Crystal - The Setting Of Despair

26.Grateful Dead, The - Dark Star (Single Version)

27.Hearts And Flowers - Tin Angel (Will You Ever Come Down)

Disc 2

1.We People, The - When I Arrive

2.1910 Fruitgum Co. - (Poor Old) Mr. Jensen

3.Kaleidoscope, The - Just A Taste

4.Human Beinz, The - The Face

5.West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The - Eighteen Is Over The Hill

6.Lemon Fog - Summer

7.Critters, The - Awake In A Dream

8.Eternity's Children - Rupert White

9.Quicksilver Messenger Service - Light Your Windows

10.Phoenix Trolley, The - Three-Part Invention (Too Many Trees In The Forest)

11.Love - Laughing Stock

12.Beach Boys, The - Little Bird

13.Silver Apples - Oscillations

14.Electric Prunes, The - Shadows

15.Graf Zepplin - You're In My Mind

16.Left Banke, The - Dark Is The Bark

17.October Country - Cowboys And Indians

18.Millennium, The - The Island

19.Wind In Willows, The - Wheel Of Changes

20.World Column, The - Lantern Gospel

21.Band, The - This Wheel's On Fire

22.Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Single Edit)

23.Truth, The - P. S. (Prognosis Stegnosis)

24.Movement, The - Green Knight

25.Vectors, The - Paisley Haze

26.Sunstone Lollypop, The - Never Sad

27.Peppermint Trolley, The - Trust

28.Mor's Worry - Can't Seem To Come Down

Disc 3

1.Buffalo Springfield - Questions

2.Seeds, The - Satisfy You (Single Mix)

3.Children, The - Maypole

4.Yankee Dollar, The - Johann Sebastian Cheetah

5.Fugs, The - Crystal Liaison

6.Kak - Everything's Changing

7.Blue Cheer - Feathers From Your Tree

8.Velvet Haze - Lasy Day On Earth

9.SRC - Daystar

10.H. P. Lovecraft - Mobius Trip

11.Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Safe As Milk

12.Fallen Angels, The - I'll Drive You From My Mind

13.Little Boy Blues, The - Mr. Tripp Wouldn't Listen

14.Nazz - Back Of Your Mind

15.Ravelles, The - Psychedelic Movement

16.Yellow Payges, The - Crowd Pleaser

17.Moving Sidewalks, The - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Alternative Take 2)

18.Brass Buttons - Hell Will Take Care Of You

19.Beau Brummels, The - Turn Around

20.Glad - Johnny Silver's Ride

21.Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty - Rich Man's Fable

22.James, Tommy & The Shondells - Crimson And Clover

23.Free Design, The - An Elegy

24.Monkees, The - Can You Dig It

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