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Release 22-09-2023


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Disc 1

1.Davies, Cyril & His Rhythm And Blues All Stars - Country Line Special

2.Baldry, Long John / Hoochie Coochie Men, The - Up Above My Head I Hear Music In The Air

3.Stewart, Rod - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

4.Graham, Davy - Goin' Down Slow

5.Korner, Alexis's Blues Incorporated - Preachin' The Blues

6.Harvey, Alex - Honey Bee

7.Renbourn, John - Louisiana Blues

8.Martyn, Beverley - Me & My Gin

9.Mayall, John / Clapton, Eric - Ramblin' On My Mind

10.Animals, The - See See Rider

11.Purple Gang, The - Bootleg Whisky

12.Ten Years After - Don't Want You Woman

13.Anderson, Ian A. - Cottonfield Blues

14.Anderson, Ian A. / Jackson, Elliot - Shake 'Em On Down

15.Green, Peter's Fleetwood Mac - The World Keep On Turning

16.Green, Peter's Fleetwood Mac - Hellhound On My Trail (Album Version)

17.Brown, Savoy - Vicksburg Blues

18.Simon & Steve - Say No To The Devil

19.Panama Limited Jug Band, The - Cocaine Habit

20.Cooper, Mike / Anderson, Ian A. - The Inverted World

21.Missouri Compromise, The - Dark Road Blues

22.Chicken Shack - See See Baby

23.Wizz Jones - Spoonful

24.Kelly, Dave - A Few Short Lines

25.Jones, Al - Searchin' The Desert For The Blues

26.Korner, Alexis - Steal Away

Disc 2

1.Jethro Tull - Some Day The Sun Won't Shine For You

2.Martyn, John - Goin' Down To Memphis

3.Deviants, The - Blind Joe McTurk's Last Session

4.Pentangle - Turn Your Money Green

5.Mayall, John's Bluesbreakers - Laurel Canyon Home

6.Dr. K's Blues Band - Crippled Clarence

7.Jansch, Bert - Blues

8.Vick, Shakey - Come On In My Kitchen

9.Jellybread - Driving Wheel

10.Kelly, Jo-Ann - Moon Goin' Down

11.McTell, Ralph - (My) Baby Keeps Staying Out All Night Long

12.Killing Floor - Lou's Blues

13.Clague - Bottle Up & Go

14.Rye, Steve - Bread Of Heaven

15.McGillivray, Fran - It Hurts Me Too

16.Prager, Rye & Hall - Stop Breakin' Down

17.Cooper, Mike - See Me Running

18.Robinson, Tom - No Whiskey

19.Little Brother Dave - No More Doggin'

20.Mitchell, Sam - Leaf Without A Tree

21.Duffy Power - City Women

22.Lockran, Gerry - Evil Hearted Man

23.Occasional Word, The - I'm So Glad

24.Tramp - Too Late Now

25.Bronx Cheer - Prison Wall Blues

Disc 3

1.Blue Blood - Black Mountain Blues

2.James, John - Picture Rag

3.Siren - Bertha Lee

4.Marvin, Brett / Thunderbolts, The - Haven't Any Hay

5.Roberts, Andy - John The Revelator

6.Medicine Head - Walkin' Blues

7.Black Cat Bones - Death Valley Blues

8.Red Dirt - I've Been Down

9.Trader Horne - Down & Out Blues

10.Incredible String Band, The - Robot Blues

11.Climax Blues Band - Country Hat

12.Hubbard, Roger - Cigarette Blues

13.Taste - Gambiln' Blues

14.Humble Pie - Rolling Stone

15.Mungo Jerry - San Francisco Bay Blues

16.McAuley, Jackie - Poor Howard

17.Strange Fruit - Shake That Thing

18.Coyne, Kevin - Evil Island Home

19.Tight Like That - How You Want Your Rolling Done

20.Ellis, Dave - Interlude

21.Gallagher, Rory - Banker's Blues

22.Peabody, Dave - Last Of The Good Time Guys

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