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Release 23-02-2024


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Wig Out! Freak Out!’, the latest compilation from Two-Piers, dives into the world of Freakbeat, Psych and Mod from 1964-1969. Pulling the cream of tracks from the UK & United States Freakbeat and Garage scenes of the time. Featuring tracks from The Sonics, The Kinks, The Action, Chocolate Watch Band, The Haunted, The Standells, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Shadows of Knight, The Yardbirds, The Seeds and more ‘Wig Out! Freak Out!’ is packed full of Freakbeat and Mod classics as well as rare sought after nuggets.Talking about ‘Wig Out! Freak Out!' Two-Piers compiler Mark McQuillan says "The album was inspired by my many happy DJ nights promoting my club night ‘Club Pod’ down in Brighton in the 1990s and my love of all things Sixties Freakbeat. I wanted to put as many great tracks as I could on one compilation to hopefully bring across the feeling sheer joy of spinning these awesome tracks in a club and seeing the place go off. This compilation isn’t supposed to be a rare crate diggers album, but rather a gateway to give listeners a flavour of the scene and allow them to go off and discover new and brilliant hidden gems within the Freakbeat and Mod Psychedelia genre, and if ‘Wig Out! Freak Out!’ does that job done!"

1.Sonics, The - Shot down

2.Standells, The - Dirty water

3.Haunted, The - 1-2-5

4.Birds, The - You're on my mind

5.Revere, Paul & The Raiders - I'm not your stepping stone

6.Shadow Of Knight, The - Shake

7.Starlets, The - You don't love me

8.Wimple Winch, The - Save my soul

9.Action, The - Land of 1000 dances

10.Dutronc, Jacques - Le responsable

11.Eyes, The - You're too much

12.Remains, The - Don't look back

13.Kinks, The - Louie Louie

14.Chaos, Rita & The Quest - Hanky panky

15.Argyles, The - Farmer John

16.Poets, The - Wooden spoon

17.West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The - Shifting sands

18.? & The Mysterians - Up side

19.Third Bardo, The - I'm five years ahead of my time

20.Chocolate Watchband, The - Let's talk about girls

21.Count Five - Double-decker bus

22.Satans, The - Makin' deals

23.Quik, The - Berts apple crumble

24.Davis, Spencer Group - I'm a man

25.Driscoll, Julie / Auger, Brian / Trinity, The - Indian rope man

26.Hi-Fi's, The - Tread softly for the sleepers

27.Yardbirds, The - Stroll on

28.Pirates, The - Cuttin' out

29.Seeds, The - Pushin' too hard

30.Allan, Davie & The Arrows - Blue's theme

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