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Band Of Heathens

Sunday Morning Record

Type drager1-CD
Release datum20 september 2013
LevertijdUit voorraad leverbaar 1-2 werkdagen
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Through highs and lows, The Band of Heathens has maintained a tightly knit community of dedicated fans, mostly thanks to their no-frills take on Americana rock.

But for many fans, the band’s latest release Sunday Morning Record will be about changes. In 2011 founding member Colin Brooks left the band, and shortly after bassist Seth Whitney and longtime drummer John Chapman followed. So naturally, Sunday Morning Record chronicles a period of dynamic change within the group, new lineups and new sceneries are just a few of the events that sparked the flames of inspiration.

“We set out to make a record that chronicled the journey of the band through a really difficult and uncertain time,” Ed Jurdi claims. “In the midst of all of this, Gordy and I were writing songs, starting families, moving families and trying to find a thread to hold onto with our music.”

While the group found their footing in gritty rock n’ roll, they’ve grown to find comfort in the softer sounds. Sunday Morning Record is “on the quieter side” according to Jurdi.

“It seems like it’s gotten harder and harder for people to turn off the constant stream of information and distractions and just lose themselves in art for a little while,” Gordy Quist states. “Now we’re connected to everything in the world at all times, and maybe that makes our lives richer in some ways. But I think that there’s also a richness that we miss out on, of just being present in the now and experiencing the world directly. I hope this album moves people to turn off the noise of life for a morning to connect with themselves and with some friends through our music.”

Track List: 
1. Caroline Williams
2. Girl With The Indigo Eyes
3. Had It All
4. I Miss My Life

5. One More Trip
6. Shake The Foundation
7. Shotgun
8. Since I've Been Home
9. Sunday Morning
10. Texas
11. The Same Picture



CD1 / 1:
1. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Shotgun [04:52]
2. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Caroline Williams [04:07]
3. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Miss My Life [03:14]
4. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Girl With Indigo Eyes [03:03]
5. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Records In Bed [05:49]
6. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Since I've Been Home [03:07]
7. Klik hier om te beluisteren..The Same Picture [04:13]
8. Klik hier om te beluisteren..One More Trip [03:10]
9. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Shake The Foundation [03:21]
10. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Had It All [04:23]
11. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Texas [06:09]

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