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Not Now



Release 21-07-2017


€ 13,99

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Disc 1

1.Gray, Dobie - Out on the floor

2.Pickett, Wilson - My heart belongs to you

3.Alexander, Arthur - A shot of rhythm and blues

4.Laddins, The - I'll kiss your teardrops away

5.Chantels, The - Well I told you

6.James, Etta - Seven day fool

7.Levine, Hank - Image [Part 2]

8.Sharp, Dee Dee - Baby cakes

9.Valentine, Patience - If you don't come (you better call)

10.Radiants, The - One day I'll show you (I really love you)

11.Redding, Otis - Hey hey baby

12.Impressions, The - Little young lover

13.Blake, Cicero - Don't you do this to me

14.Gray, Maureen - Today's the day

15.Drapers, The - (I know) Your love has gone away

16.Butler, Jerry - I'm telling you

17.Hamilton, Roy - Earthquake

18.DeSanto, Sugarpie - I want to know

19.Jackson, Chuck - Any day now (My wild beautiful bird)

20.Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles - If your mother only knew

21.Trilons, The - I'm the one

22.Lumpkin, Henry - Mojo Hannah

23.Kelley, Emorise - The biggest fool

24.Big Maybelle - I've got a feeling

25.Scott, Chyvonne - You lost your good thing

Disc 2

1.Gray, Dobie - The 'In' crowd

2.McKenzie, Don - Whose heart (are you gonna break now)

3.Floyd, Eddie - Set my soul on fire

4.Love, Ronnie - Chills and fever

5.Chandler, Gene - You threw a lucky punch

6.Lance, Major - Delilah

7.Bradley, Jan - Mama didn't lie

8.Brown, Maxine - Am I falling in love

9.King, Ben E. - Don't play that song (You lied)

10.Marvelettes, The - Way over there

11.Supremes, The - Your heart belongs to me

12.Nash, Johnny - Some of your lovin'

13.Holland, Eddie - Jamie

14.Cooper, Les & The Soul Rockers - Wiggle wobble

15.Byrd, Russel - You'd better come home

16.Washington, Baby - Hush heart

17.Hunt, Geraldine - I let myself go

18.Mary B - Something for you baby

19.Hunt, Tommy - The work song

20.O'Jays, The - Miracles

21.Alaimo, Steve - Every day I have to cry some

22.Knight, Gladys & The Pips - Operator

23.Tillman, Bertha - Lovin' time

24.Ben, LaBrenda & The Beljeans - The chaperone

25.Wilson, Al - Show and tell

Disc 3

1.Pentagons, The - I wonder (if your love will ever belong to me)

2.Isley Brothers, The - Respectable

3.Gaye, Marvin - Stubborn kind of fellow

4.Ray, James - A miracle

5.Drifters, The - Sometimes I wonder

6.Johnny & Jackey - Someday we'll be together

7.Sattin, Lonnie - Who's gonna mention my name

8.Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles - Way over there

9.Jackson, Chuck - I don't want to cry

10.Fuqua, Harvey - Any way you wanta

11.Strong, Barrett - Misery

12.Montgomery, Tammy - It's mine

13.King, Earl - Trick bag

14.Wells, Mary - Bye bye baby

15.Cooke, Sam - Having a party

16.Hendrix, Nat Band / DeSanto, Sugarpie - A little taste of soul

17.Charmaines, The - Where is th boy tonight

18.She'll be gone - O'Brian, Betty

19.Akens, Jewel - Wee bit more of your lovin'

20.Charles, Ray - Unchain my heart

21.McDaniels, Gene - Tower of strength

22.Perrin, Sue - Put a ring on my finger

23.Little Eva - Keep your hands off my baby

24.Profiles, The - Take a giant step (Walk on)

25.Franklin, Aretha - Rough lover

Disc 4

1.Spellman, Benny - Fortune teller

2.Showmen, The - The wrong girl

3.Tormé, Mel - Comin' home baby

4.Berry, Richard - Have love will travel

5.Cleftones, The - Lover come back to me

6.Clark, Dee - Hold on

7.Majors, The - She's a troublemaker

8.Gorman, Freddie - The day will come

9.Collier, Mitty - Don't let her take my baby

10.Delacardos, The - Hold back the tears

11.Yuro, Timi - What's a matter baby (Is it hurting you)

12.Squires, The - Don't accuse me

13.5 Royales, The - Catch that teardrop

14.Wilson, Jackie - What good am I without you?

15.Ray, Ada - Give our love a chance

16.King, Ben E. - What a difference a day made

17.Domino, Fats - It keeps rainin'

18.Sheffield, Charles - It's your voodoo working

19.Varetta - Fly by night

20.Primettes, The - Pretty baby

21.Tams, The - Disillusioned

22.Thomas, Irma - I done get over it

23.Strong, Nolan - Mind over matter (I'm gonna make you mine)

24.Radcliffe, Jimmy - (There goes) The forgotten man

25.LaBelle, Patti & The Bluebelles - I sold my heart to the junkman

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