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Release 20-03-2006


€ 12,50

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Disc 1

1.Brown, James - The Boss

2.Cymande - Brothers on the slide

3.Kool & The Gang - Jungle boogie

4.Gaye, Marvin - T Plays It Cool

5.Mayfield, Curtis - Freddie's Dead

6.Johnson, Syl - Different strokes

7.Lightnin' Rod - Sport

8.Last Poets, The - It's a trip

9.Politicians, The / Jackson, McKinley - The world we live in

10.Turner, Ike & His Kings Of Rhythm - Funky mule

11.Tex, Joe - I gotcha

12.Staples, Mavis - Chocolate city

13.Ellis, Pee Wee - Moon Walk

14.Meters, The - Tippi-Toes

15.Scott-Heron, Gil / Jackson, Brian - Back home

Disc 2

1.Mayfield, Curtis - Superfly

2.Kendricks, Eddie - My People - Hold On

3.Temptations, The - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

4.Neville, Aaron - Hercules

5.Cymande - Bra

6.Notations, The - Super People

7.Maceo & All The King's Men - Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again

8.Pate, Johnny - Brother On The Run

9.Johnson, Syl - Concrete reservation

10.Ohio Players - It's a cryin' shame

11.Rimshots, The - Neighbour! Get your own

12.Maceo & All The King's Men - (I remember) Mr. Banks

13.Rippel - Get off

14.Meters, The - Funky miracle

15.Dorsey, Lee - Yes We Can Can

Disc 3

1.Last Poets, The - When the revolution comes

2.Scott-Heron, Gil / Jackson, Brian - The bottle

3.Mayfield, Curtis - Move On Up (Live)

4.Quarterman, Sir Joe & Free Soul - (I got) So much trouble in my mind

5.Whatnauts, The - Why can't people be colors too?

6.Ripple - A funky song

7.Murray, Mickey - Mama's Got The Wagon

8.Cash, Alvin - Doin' The Ali Shuffle

9.Quarterman, Sir Joe & Free Soul - Give me back my freedom

10.Turner, Ike & Tina - Living For The City

11.Ohio Players - Cold, Cold World

12.Ellis, Pee Wee - That thang

13.Scott, Moody - (We Gotta) Bust Out Of The Ghetto

14.Backyard Heavies - Soul Junction

15.Hutson, Leroy - Cool out

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Baka Boyz Best Of The Morning

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