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Not Now



Release 15-02-2008


€ 8,99

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Disc 1

1.Presley, Elvis - Good rockin' tonight

2.Presley, Elvis - That's All Right, Mama

3.Presley, Elvis - You're a heartbreaker

4.Presley, Elvis - I'm left, you're right, she's gone

5.Orbison, Roy - Ooby dooby

6.Orbison, Roy - Go, Go, Go (Down The Line)

7.Perkins, Carl - Gone, gone, gone

8.Perkins, Carl - Blue suede shoes

9.Perkins, Carl - Honey don't

10.Perkins, Carl - Sure to fall

11.Perkins, Carl - Tennessee

12.Perkins, Carl - Boppin' the blues

13.Perkins, Carl - Dixie fried

14.Perkins, Carl - I'm sorry, I'm not sorry

15.Smith, Warren - Rock 'n' roll Ruby

16.Pittman, Barbara - I need a man

17.Burgess, Sonny - Ain't got a thing

18.Little Junior's Blue Flames - Love my baby

19.Little Junior's Blue Flames - Mystery train

20.Little Junior's Blue Flames - Feelin' good

21.London, Johnny - Drivin' slow

22.Thomas, Rufus Jr. "Hound Dog" - Bear cat

23.Thomas, Rufus Jr. - Walking in the rain

24.Thomas, Rufus Jr. - Tiger man (King of the jungle)

25.Thomas, Rufus Jr. - Save that money

Disc 2

1.Presley, Elvis - Blue moon of Kentucky

2.Presley, Elvis - I don't care if the sun don't shine

3.Presley, Elvis - Mystery train

4.Presley, Elvis - Milkcow blues boogie

5.Presley, Elvis - I love you because

6.Cash, Johnny - I walk the line

7.Cash, Johnny - Folsom Prison blues

8.Cash, Johnny - There you go

9.Cash, Johnny - Train of love

10.Cash, Johnny - So doggone lonesome

11.Cash, Johnny - Get rhythm

12.Yelvington, Malcolm - It's me baby

13.Hardrock Gunter - Gonna dance all night

14.Hardrock Gunter - Fallen angel

15.Yelvington, Malcolm - Drinkin' wine spo-dee-o-dee

16.Lewis, Jerry Lee - Crazy arms

17.Little Milton - Beggin' my baby

18.Little Milton - If you love me

19.Little Milton - Looking For My Baby

20.Emerson, Billy "The Kid" - When it rains it pours

21.Emerson, Billy "The Kid" - Something for nothing

22.Emerson, Billy "The Kid" - Red hot

23.Lewis, Sammy / Johnson, Willie Combo - I feel so worried

24.Nix, Willie - Baker shop boogie

25.Prisonaires, The - What'll you do next

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Thornton, Big Mama Very Best Of

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