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Eva de Roovere
zaterdag 24 aug. 15.00 uur

The Slow Show
zaterdag 31 aug. 12.00 uur

I am oak
zaterdag 7 sept. 13.00 uur

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Arock - Serock - Sylvia

Type dragerCD (aantal 1)
Release datum30 juni 2016
LevertijdUit voorraad leverbaar 1-2 werkdagen
€ 16,99
er nieuwe vinyl aanbiedingen!!!
Eric Clapton - Guns 'n' Roses - Dr. Dre - Velvet Underground etc.

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Niet alleen vinyl maar ook cd en dvd aanbiedingen natuurlijk.
Weer nieuwe vinyl aanbiedingen!!!
Eric Clapton - Guns 'n' Roses - Dr. Dre - Velvet Underground etc.

De zomervakanties beginnen en we zorgen dan altijd voor extra veel aanbiedingen in onze winkel.

Niet alleen vinyl maar ook cd en dvd aanbiedingen natuurlijk.


zaterdag 24 augustus

Tim Knol & The Blue grass boogiemen
The Slow Show
Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces

zaterdag 31 augustus

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Wat een heerlijke verzamelaar op het Kent Label, met 25 soulsongs uit de jaren ’50 tot 1966, waaronder songs van bekende namen als Don Covay en Van McCoy maar ook onbekendere namen. Een aantal songs krijgen hun debuut op CD. Zoals we van Kent/Ace gewend zijn is niet alleen de kwaliteit van de muziek uitstekend, maar is ook de geluidskwaliteit uitstekend en wordt de CD vergezeld van een uiterst informatief boekwerkje.

Al Sears’ NYC stable of labels and publishing created superb black music from the 50s through to 1966.

Kent are in it for the long haul. Although our first volume of recordings from Al Sears’ Arock and Sylvia labels was issued in 2002, we always intended to continue the story. Since then, more information has been garnered and further reviews of the tapes have revealed some musical treats and surprises. Take the opening track by the Corvairs, ‘Love Is Such A Good Thing’. We have learnt they are probably the same Corvairs who recorded for UA and Columbia and that ‘Deep Down Inside’ on our first CD is by them, rather than an unknown artist. We also now know that Garrett Saunders was in the first incarnation of the duo Gary & Gary, and that the B-side of Tutti Hill’s ‘He’s A Lover’ was identified on the label as ‘When The Going Gets Rough’ but actually played ‘Baby Take It Slow’. ‘When The Going Gets Rough’ gets its CD debut here.

Elsewhere, the highly rated Junior Lewis demos two early 60s songs and adds a terrific call-and-response chorus to Marie Knight’s powerful demo of ‘Nothing In The World’, a song he wrote, while Don Covay shows that Sears’ Rual and Sylvia publishing companies took their demos seriously, particularly on numbers such as Covay’s big city ballad ‘Did You Hear’. ‘Get In My Arms Little Girlie’ is an extended stomping blues from Sterling Magee, and Joan Moody sings her final release, ‘Music To My Ears’, and the unissued but equally fine ‘I Can’t Stay Away’, which we issued on a Kent 45 last year. Ansler Montell’s ‘Chained Am I’, another recent Kent single, also makes its CD debut.

We also look at the work of producer/songwriters Ron Miller and Lee Porter in more detail and examine Sears’ Serock label in depth. The extended version of Theola Kilgore’s ‘This Is My Prayer’, previously available only on a Kent LP in the 80s, sounds amazing on CD. Her Los Angeles stable-mate Sinner Strong also gives a performance worthy of goose-bumps. Vivian Collins’ ‘Hey Officer’ stems from Sears’ dalliance with early Detroit soul and the Larks’ offering shows he also went for the Philly sound. Van McCoy’s 1964 offering demonstrates his talent as a songwriter and vocalist, while he and his brother’s studio group the D.C. Playboys also feature and the Diplomats perform his fabulous beat ballad ‘I Really Love You’.
Recensent : Ron Bulters


CD1 / 1:
1. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Love Is Such A Good Thing [02:13]
2. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Get In My Arms Little Girlie [02:46]
3. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Take My Hand [02:08]
4. Klik hier om te beluisteren..When The Going Gets Rough [02:17]
5. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I can't Stay Away [02:11]
6. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I'm Leavin' (for Parts Unknown) [02:18]
7. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I really Love You [02:16]
8. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I keep Comin' Back For More [02:19]
9. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I don't Care [02:41]
10. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Chained Am I [02:26]
11. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Hey Officer [02:15]
12. Klik hier om te beluisteren..This Is My Prayer [02:59]
13. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Nobody But Me [02:25]
14. Klik hier om te beluisteren..It Ain't No Big Thing [02:29]
15. Klik hier om te beluisteren..You Were All I Needed [02:15]
16. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Music To My Ears [02:17]
17. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I wanna Come In [02:39]
18. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Something Else [02:09]
19. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Nothing In The World [01:50]
20. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Easier Said Than Done [02:24]
21. Klik hier om te beluisteren..It Won't Work Out [02:03]
22. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Where You Are [02:26]
23. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Did You Hear [01:52]
24. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Kindness, Love And Understanding [02:52]
25. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Another Sleepless Night [02:06]

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