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Eva de Roovere
zaterdag 24 aug. 15.00 uur

The Slow Show
zaterdag 31 aug. 12.00 uur

I am oak
zaterdag 7 sept. 13.00 uur

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Los Angeles Soul

Type dragerCD (aantal 1)
Release datum26 februari 2015
LevertijdUit voorraad leverbaar 1-2 werkdagen
€ 16,99
er nieuwe vinyl aanbiedingen!!!
Eric Clapton - Guns 'n' Roses - Dr. Dre - Velvet Underground etc.

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Niet alleen vinyl maar ook cd en dvd aanbiedingen natuurlijk.
Weer nieuwe vinyl aanbiedingen!!!
Eric Clapton - Guns 'n' Roses - Dr. Dre - Velvet Underground etc.

De zomervakanties beginnen en we zorgen dan altijd voor extra veel aanbiedingen in onze winkel.

Niet alleen vinyl maar ook cd en dvd aanbiedingen natuurlijk.


zaterdag 24 augustus

Tim Knol & The Blue grass boogiemen
The Slow Show
Malford Milligan & The Southern Aces

zaterdag 31 augustus

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Kent en Modern, de labels van de broertjes Bihari, kenden hun glorietijd in de rhythm ’n blues van de jaren vijftig, maar ik in het soul tijdperk wisten ze goed mee te komen, ondanks dat het commerciële succes wat minder was. De kwaliteit echter niet. Krachtige soul-blues van Johnny Copeland, groepszang van the Windjammers, en zelfs de overgang naar psychedelische soulfunk met de eigentijdse titel Push On Jesse Jackson passeren allemaal de revue op dit mooie overzicht.

The Bihari brothers, owners of Los Angeles’ Kent and Modern labels, knew their black music, signing artists of the calibre of Etta James, Jesse Belvin and Jimmy Witherspoon in the 50s. Their travels to New Orleans, Memphis and elsewhere saw them expand their horizons, recording acts in those locales or licensing in material for release. In the soul era the Other Brothers fromTexas, Jeanette Jones and Wally Cox from the Bay Area, and the Memphis-recorded Earl Wright fit that pattern.

Wally Cox’s group ballad ‘I Need A Love’ was scheduled to be issued in 1971 but didn’t make it to wax. Other group vocals include a hard-to-find update of Marvin & Johnny’s ‘Cherry Pie’ by Lord Charles & the Prophets, the Other Brothers’ ‘It’s Been A Long Time Baby’ and the exquisite harmonies of the Windjammers’ ‘All That Shines Is Not Gold’. Johnny Copeland’s ‘I Was Born To Love You’ is a mid-paced dancer omitted from his Kent CD, while Jeanette Jones gives a raunchy treatment to Ruby Winters’ ‘I Want Action’, which like the southern soul-influenced ‘Tear My Love Down’ by Wayne Boykin was never issued.

The Pace-Setters’ ‘Push On Jesse Jackson’, a combination of politics and harmony vocals over a psychofunk rhythm, is here in the full five minutes-plus vocal take for the first time. ‘You Saved Me From Destruction’ by Difosco (aka Dee Ervin/Big Dee Irwin) is another “out there” cut. Also from that late 60s experimental era for black music, the Robert Ramsey and Larry Sanders tracks are spacey numbers, both on CD for the first time. Willie Gauff’s ‘I Know She’s Gonna Leave’ on the other hand is so crazed and intense it’s taken 30 years to pluck up the courage to release it.

Other unissueds include a take on Mary Love’s ‘Move A Little Closer’ by jazz singer Millie Foster and Felice Taylor’s version of the Glories’ ‘Sing Me A Love Song’, which is all Diana Ross-inspired sensuality with a lush production. We end with ‘Your Gonna Miss Your Chance’, a rare gospel 45 from a Compton Baptist church. Maurine Williams’ haunting vocals produced goosebumps on this hard-bitten compiler.

Ady Croasdell

- See more at: https://acerecords.co.uk/los-angeles-soul-kent-moderns-black-music-legacy#sthash.Q6LqkQRl.dpuf


CD1 / 1:
1. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I want Action [02:43]
2. Klik hier om te beluisteren..You Saved Me From Destruction [03:05]
3. Klik hier om te beluisteren..No In-Between [02:31]
4. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I was Born To Love You [02:24]
5. Klik hier om te beluisteren..My Love She's Gone [02:48]
6. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I only Have Eyes For You [03:44]
7. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Cherry Pie [03:08]
8. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I don't Know [02:07]
9. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Give Me A Chance (try Me) [02:30]
10. Klik hier om te beluisteren..You Are My First Love [02:22]
11. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Sing Me A Love Song [02:33]
12. Klik hier om te beluisteren..All That Shines Is Not Gold [02:26]
13. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Tear My Love Down [02:54]
14. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Push On Jessie Jackson [05:26]
15. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I know She's Gonna Leave [03:04]
16. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Gone On Home [02:06]
17. Klik hier om te beluisteren..It's Been A Long Time Baby [03:04]
18. Klik hier om te beluisteren..You Are My Sunshine [02:55]
19. Klik hier om te beluisteren..You're My Girl [02:53]
20. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Move A Little Closer [02:37]
21. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I need Money [02:28]
22. Klik hier om te beluisteren..Take A Look In Your Mind [02:43]
23. Klik hier om te beluisteren..I need A Love [02:45]
24. Klik hier om te beluisteren..You're Gonna Misss Your Chance [03:36]

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